New Link Starter Deck

Product Title:Starter Deck — Link Strike —

Set Size:43

Launch Date:7/21/2017

Konami Tournament Legal Date:7/21/2017

MSRP:$9.99 per box

Catch the next wave of Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME monsters with Starter Deck — Link Strike —! Link Monsters let you bring a brand-new level of domination to your Duels by mastering not just how you play your cards, but where you play them too!

Link Monsters start the Duel in your Extra Deck, and you Link Summon them to your field by sending face-up monsters you control to the Graveyard; each Link Monster will tell you exactly what kind of monsters you need and how many to use.

Link Monsters don’t have a Level or Rank, or even a DEF stat. They can never be face-down or in Defense Position; they’re always face-up and in Attack Position, so you always know where their arrows point! Arrows on the Link Monster are the most important feature because they point out the Monster Zones on the field they are linked to. Depending on their effects, a Link Monster could gain ATK for every monster in a zone it points to, or protect any monster in a zone it points to from being destroyed. The possibilities for Link Monster effects are endless, but effects aren’t the only great thing about Link Monsters!

Link Monsters also make it possible to control many different monsters Summoned from your Extra Deck, at the same time! Any adjacent Monster Zones a Link Monster’s arrows point to become available to Summon new monsters from your Extra Deck. Getting as many arrows pointing at your own zones as you can, while avoiding arrows pointing to your opponent’s zones, is a new and important element of strategy you’ll want to master with Starter Deck — Link Strike —.

Starter Deck — Link Strike — comes with 3 new, all-foil Link Monsters to add to your Extra Deck, plus a full Main Deck and a new Game Mat showing the new Extra Monster Zones.

Starter Deck — Link Strike — contains 43 cards: 38 Common Cards, 2 Ultra Rare Cards, 3 Super Rare Cards, 1 Beginner’s Guide, and 1 updated Game Mat with new Extra Monster Zones.

Magic Art


Posted in Feature on May 16, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Amonkhet, despite being under the thumb of Nicol Bolas (or, hey, maybe because of it!), is a gorgeous plane, and it has the amazing art to match.

So let's take a look at some of that art blown up beyond card size and the art descriptions that led to their creation.

Insult // Injury

Aftermath Frame: First Half (Wide Aspect)
Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Red spell
Location: Not important
Action: We'd like this piece, together with "Injury," to form a single piece of art broken across two moments. This part, "Insult," shows a minotaur warrior bellowing. His roar emanates out as glowing hieroglyphics (see reference packet), and the hieroglyph runes continue into "Injury."
Focus: The minotaur and his roared hieroglyphics
Mood: A war bellow that can inflict real damage.
Aftermath Frame: Second Half
Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Red spell
Location: Not important
Action: This piece, together with "Insult," form a single piece of art broken across two moments. This part, "Injury," is when the magical hieroglyphics from "Insult" crash into another warrior, perhaps a Naga. The Naga puts up his arms to try to shield himself from the mystical attack.
Focus: The hieroglyphics striking their target.
Mood: These words have the power to harm.

Protection of the Hekma

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: White spell
Location: Just inside the Hekma, the forcefield barrier that encloses the entire city-state
Action: Show a scene that illustrates what it's like to be just inside the Hekma forcefield. The forcefield shimmers with magic, but the barrier itself is otherwise invisible. Sand dunes from the desert wastes beyond are piled up against the barrier, and a horde of desiccated mummies bump against it, mindlessly drawn by hunger. On this side of the barrier, the city-state is lush and calm.
Focus: The shimmering Hekma barrier is the most important element here.
Mood: Contrast of danger outside and safety inside.

Lay Claim

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Blue spell
Location: Any place in the city-state with monuments in the background
Action: This spell represents the blue god Kefnet demonstrating his divine power by reaching down and grabbing a fearsome creature. Show a dragon that is being snatched up by the back of its neck, as if it were a puppy being grabbed by its scruff. Kefnet's hand looks huge, perfect, softly glowing in its divinity.
Focus: The action of grabbing is the main focus here—the contact point between Kefnet's hand and the dragon he's laying claim to.
Mood: What mortals think is huge is mere child's play to a god.



Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Blue spell
Location: Exterior city-state shot with waterfalls
Action: In this shot, an ibis-headed vizier uses his magical power to divert the water of a waterfall. He hovers in the air where the water should be cascading down upon him, but instead the water continues onward in defiance of gravity. The vizier has his hands raised, and wisps of blue energy rise from his fingers to carry the water forward.
Focus: The gravity-defying water.
Mood: Awesome power that defies nature.

Mind Twist

Setting: Amonkhet
Color: Black spell
Location: An expanse of dunes in the desert
Action: The intent of this piece is to display a person's sanity shattering from wandering in the desert. To accomplish this, show a human male at the foot of a steep dune. He is small in the frame and his shadow stretches up the side of the dune. Halfway up, the shadow peels off the dune to become corporeal. It has the appearance of the monster on p. 128A. With one of its spindly arms, it reaches toward the human to poke him in the forehead. The human grabs his head in agony.

Focus: The shadow lifting off the of surface of the dune.
Mood: Surreal and disturbing.